In Hum Hain Na, Sagarika gets in the bus. Bunty waits for her and gets in the bus. He sits beside Sagarika in the bus and looks at her. Pappu and his bride enter the house and are welcomed. Sagarika loses her anklet in the bus and gets in to search. Bunty tells her that he will search it. Bunty finds it and makes her wear the anklet. He then washes her feet as she had washed his feet. Sagarika is touched by his gesture. Satya thinks she shall not let them meet again. Satya complains to Bunty’s mom about Sagarika. Sagarika’s dad asks her aunt about her. He gets a call from a relative informing him that he is coming to Banaras. Pappu asks Bunty to get a fan as his wife is feeling hot. Bunty brings table fan and starts it. Pappu and his wife start the rituals. Pappu wins the ring ceremony but loses it on his wife’s insistence. Bauji sees Brijmohan having sweets and complaining about it. He scolds him.

Brijmohan gets angry and threatens to leave the house with his wife Rama. Bunty handles the situation and tells Brijmohan that his father is joking. Sagarika gets impressed by Bunty. Satya informs Bunty that Rama is calling him. Sagarika sees Satya and asks about her. She is being informed that Satya is their neighbour who likes Bunty and soon going to marry him. Sagarika gets sad. Satya snatches mug from Sagarika’s hand and tells Bunty’s mum that Sagarika is a bengali and doesn’t know about their rituals. Celebrations and customs are going on in full swing in Mishra household. Bunty’s mum asks her to light up a Diya, which needs to be lit forever. Sagarika thanks Ratna for taking her to her home and showing all the rituals. Satya tells her bye. Sagarika is saying bye and accidently puts off the diya.

Satya blames her and tells Bunty’s mum about Sagarika blowing it off. Satya scolds her and calls her bengali repeatedly. Sagarika asks her to call her by her name. Sagarika apologizes to them. Bunty’s mum tells Sagarika that she is quiet as she is her bahu’s relative. Sagarika offers to light the lamb again, but Bunty’s mum refuses. Bauji also scolds her. Bunty comes to her rescue as everyone blames Sagarika for bringing bad luck. Ubali tells Bunty that they are insulted the most. Sagarika gets very upset and leaves in tears.

Bunty feels bad and thinks he meets Sagarika again. Sagarika comes home and tells her aunt/step mom about being insulted. Her Dad gives her lecture about their culture. Pappu gets desperate to take his wife to his room. His mom takes the bahu to her room. Bunty takes Bauji with him and sends Pappu to his room. Sagarika talks to Ubai about Bunty and says he is different. Bunty also thinks about Sagarika. Ubali tells Sagarika that it is signs of love.

Bunty and Sagarika have fallen in love with each other unknowingly. Bunty imagines Sagarika serving tea to his family and gets happy. He sees Satya then. Satya teases him taking Sagarika’s name. Bunty tries to find out more about Sagarika. Pappu tells his wife that their consummation time have come. Bunty’s cousin shouts saying snake is there. Pappu climbs on the bed. His wife asks him to go out and check. Bunty enters their bedroom and asks his Pappu’s wife about Sagarika. She says that she was too busy to notice anyone else.

Pappu gets in the room and asks Bunty what he is doing there. Bunty says, he thought his bhabhi is scared. Pappu says, he will take care of his wife. He tells her that his cousin joked about the snake. He gives her milk to drink, who asks him to get icecream. Pappu gets sad. Pappu asks Bunty to get some ice cream for his wife. Bunty goes out to do so and coincidentally bumps into Sagarika who also has come out to have icecream with Ubali. He apologies to her on behalf of his family and asks about her favourite flavour. She tells that she doesn’t need anything. Bunty thinks he has to remove her anger.

Bunty brings icecream for his family and asks his mom to eat it. His mom says she will distribute to guests first. Bunty makes her eat. Bauji asks her to get milk for him. Bunty says, he will get it. Bauji taunts Ratna for not getting married. Ratna gets very upset. Bunty consoles her and says she will get married soon. Ratna says Buaji is irked with her as he is worried about her marriage. Bunty assures that they will find a good match and her and calls her beautiful. Pappu wife eats icecream and asks him to give money to her. He agrees.

Sagarika gets scolded by her dad for going late in the night to have icecream. They argue. Sagarika reaches the ghat in the early morning and sees Bunty doing puja in the water. She gets shy. He sees a camera in her hand and says everyone likes its beauty and takes pics. She says, she came to meet her mom as her mom’s ashes where flow by her dad in ganga river. Ubali calls her. Sagarika takes the camera from his hand and runs. Bunty thinks he forgot to ask her for her number. Everyone get ready for the puja. Pappu comes out of his room without bathing. Pappu’s wife Rani comes down dressed in a nighty, which shocks everyone. Satya tells Bunty’s mom she asked Bhabhi not to come wearing nighty but she didn’t listen. Rani asks, what did she do? Everyone is irked with her. Keep reading.

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