In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Sharda comes to office to give the presentation. Suresh asks her to hurr up. Sharda gives the presentation and tells about the concept of her designs saying Pregnancy gives an altogether new identity to a woman. She continues that their designs and cloth will not just add to their beauty, but will take care of their comfort as well. The client likes the concept. Suresh gets happy. Sharda gives the designs papers. Client gets shocked seeing it and gets angry. He is about to leave. Sharda asks him to trust on her designs and gives her one more chance. The client agrees and asks her to complete the designs. Suresh asks Sharda where were you when working on the designs. Sharda replies that she was in Shanaya’s room. Suresh starts thinking and decides to find the culprit. He thinks someone might have surely ruined her designs.
Shanaya tells Sharda that Sakshi come to her room in the morning. Sharda doesn’t agree that Sakshi could do that. When Sakshi comes home, Sharda questions her about the same. Sakshi feels insulted and hurt. She thanks Sharda for trusting her so much. She suspects Shayana. Shanaya acts innocent and asks Suresh to stay with her as she is feeling lonely. Sakshi couldn’t believe that Sharda suspects her. She thinks to find the culprit and punish Shanaya. Latika demands her shares. Sharda and Suresh gets shocked. Latika tells them that Padma wants to buy Karan’s shares and that’s why she is demanding her shares. Suresh asks her to give him some time to think. Sharda plans to stop her and Karan and help their business get back on track.
Sharda discusses it with Suresh. Suresh doesn’t like her idea that Karan and Latika will agree to work together and help their business to grow. While Sharda is sure that they didn’t need funds from outside if her children work together. Sharda says, she questioned Sakshi but is sure that she can’t do anything. Sakshi hears her and decides to patch up with her. Karan calls her. She goes to her room. Karan agrees to get the required information about pregnant ladies for market research for helping Sharda. Sakshi feels bad and thinks to find proofs against Shanaya. Shanaya plans to ruin Sharda. Sakshi hears everything and also threatens to expose her. Shanaya takes it easy and laughs.
Sharda thinks to be careful as her designs is her identity. Shanaya stops Sharda from making new designs and gets her engaged with her nonsense talks. Sharda messages her head and sleeps beside her. Sakshi comes and sees that the designs are incomplete. She recalls Sharda’s words and thinks to help her. In the morning Shanaya asks Sharda if she makes the designs. Sharda says no. Suresh comes to know about it and is shocked. He scolds her. Sakshi comes there and gives her designs, Ppt and market research papers. She lies to Sharda that Karan has made the designs. Suresh gets impressed with Karan. Shanaya gets annoyed. Sakshi taunts Shanaya. Sharda is sure that they will get the contract. Suresh asks her to get ready for office.

Sharda comes home and tells Dadi that she doesn’t know if the client likes her designs. Padma tells Sharda that her friend is coming and asks her not to meet her. Sharda understand. Her friend comes and gets gift for Sakshi’s baby. Padma lies to Sakshi that Sharda is not at home. Padma asks the servant to serve the food. Servant tells her that the food is non veg. They get shocked. They decide to eat at the airport. Sharda comes and offers to cook fast. Sakshi wonders why Padma is not introducing her maa. They like the food and invite her to her home. Sakshi tells them that they can’t afford her.
Padma introduces her finally and her friend catches her lie. Sharda gets happy on knowing about Sakshi completing her work and the client approving her designs. Suresh asks Karan to decide with whom he wants to work with. Sharda thanks Sakshi for her help. Sakshi warns Shanaya and decides to teach her a lesson.
Karan buys a new car. They go on a drive. Suresh is happy to know that their company’s success news spreading in the market. He informs Sharda about it. Padma congratulates him and reminds him of their deal. She asks Karan to join her business. Sharda tries to stop her and tells that she won’t let her son and daughter in law go away from her. Sakshi supports Sharda and asks Padma to stop breaking her family. She asks her to go back to Ahmedabad. Shanaya worries thinking whether Sakshi saw her walking in the night. She acts innocent to gain sympathy and trust from Sharda. Sharda encourages her with her positive words. Sakshi tells Sharda about a doctor for Shanya’s treatment. Shanaya gets worried as she is fine. Keep reading.

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