MUMBAI:  The TV show Banni Chow Home Delivery is gaining great attention and popularity. The story’s premise is that Banni is a tough delivery lady who makes a living by doing door-to-door food deliveries. She settles for marrying Yuvan, a mentally challenged man she first takes to be a friend, as a compromise. Her transformation as a result of this marriage is the central theme of this narrative. Pravisht Mishra and Ulka Gupta played the main characters on small screens when the series premiered a few months ago.

Pravisht who plays the role of Yuvan, has been a part of many amazing tv shows. He played the character of young Ram in the show Siya Ke Ram. In the same year, he acted in Suryaputra Karan, in which he played the role of young Yudhisthir.  He was last seen in the Colors TV show, Barrister Babu. Previously, he acted in the Star Plus serial, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum. Fans are loving his portrayal of Yuvan.

Business-mortgage got in touch with the actor to play a fun game of never have I ever and his responses are hilarious.

Have you ever been cheated on?

No, I haven’t really been in a serious relationship so the question of cheating or being cheated on is not valid altogether. 

Have you ever lied about liking a co-star?

If you ask me about which show than my answer is no, but if you don’t have a follow-up question then yes, I have.

Have you ever given a fake review?

I don’t like lying in general. I may have minced my words or given a statement that was diplomatic but not absolutely fake. I have not given a false statement.

Have you ever shoplifted?

When I was little, I used to love this ice cream, and then the price was raised by I think 2 rupees but I only had like 10 rupees, so I had to take the whole thing because I was short of money.

Fans really love Pravisht Mishra and his portrayal of Yuvan and they are really like his chemistry with Ulka Gupta.

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