MUMBAI: Udaariyaan is one of the most loved and successful shows on television, and the story keeps the audience hooked. The show has been climbing the stairs of success real quick. It is among the top shows on the TRP charts with intense twists and turns.

We exclusively revealed about the show going off-air soon and Kevina Tak who was seen in Choti Sarrdaarni joins the cast. The show is all set to take a 5-year leap by bringing the actress as Fateh and Tejo’s daughter. A source close to the show revealed this leap shall call for the ending of the show. Although the ending hasn’t been written yet it is surely going to be dearly missed.

We had earlier revealed that a few members from the Virk and Sandhu family shall soon bid adieu to the show before they hit the leap, still the list of who all shall be leaving is not revealed yet but it is confirmed that the story may take a 360-degree turn post the leap.

We will soon see Janmashtami’s celebration in the show, with Nehmat, Candy and Dilraaj while in Canada, Jasmine comes to know that she is pregnant with Yash’s child. What will happen next in the show,

Tejo is now living her family life with Fateh and Nehmat after a significant five-year gap. Jasmine is currently happy in this location with Naaz. The exact opposite of Jasmine, Naaz shares her mother’s ambition for Canada. The plot then takes an unexpected U-turn when Naaz and Nehmat unintentionally enrol at the same school. Naaz and Nehmat’s story thus mirrors that of Jasmine and Tejo. Tejo is aware that Nehmat is not Jasmine’s child, but she is still unaware of the facts.

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